FAQ & How-To's

Are the lashes actually cruelty free?

 Absolutely! Here at Lashes by Rose, we do not believe in using animals in any form. The lashes are 100% faux mink, synthetic fibers. 


What is the best way to wash the lashes?

It's actually very simple. Take a dry, unused spoolie wand and run it under water. Take the wet spoolie and wiggle it through the lash repeatedly, until all of the makeup comes off. Wait for both the spoolie, and lash to completely dry and wiggle the spoolie through the lashes again to bring them back to life! The lashes might look ruined when wet, but once they're dried and combed through, they will be back to normal.


How to: Apply False Lashes

  1. Peel the false eyelash slowly from one of the corners to take the lashes out of the box. Tweezers are recommended but a gentle hand will also work.
  2. Hold the lash up and measure how long or short you want it to sit on the eyelid. False lashes are meant to be smaller in the inner corner and fuller on the outer corner, take your scissors and cut your preferred side and hold it back up to your eye to test the new length. Start off with a small cut as you don’t want to cut them too short.
  3. Once you have your desired length, apply a line of eyelash glue to the band, making sure both corners are covered, as these tend to lift on the eye the quickest.
  4. Tip: Hold one side of the lash with your finger or tweezers, grab the other side and bend the lash in a half circular motion, this will mold the eyelash and create flexibility, allowing for easier application
  5. Wait about a minute and a half before applying to allow the glue to become tacky and place the eyelash along your eye in the center first and once the middle is stuck down, push each corner down one at a time until the lash sticks without releasing
  6. Allow the eyelash a few minutes to completely dry before applying mascara if needed
  7. Tip: Don’t get discouraged if you have difficulty applying your new pair for the first time, the band is still new it may take some time for it to become more flexible

How to: Clean False Lashes

  1. Peel the excess glue off slowly with your fingers or tweezers, making sure to be gentle as you don’t want to rip the band
  2. Take a clean spoolie and run it under water, hold down the lash by a corner and wiggle the wet spoolie thoroughly through the lash until completely cleaned
  3. Wait until the eyelash and spoolie is fully dry and wiggle the spoolie through the lash to fluff the lash back to its original form