Interested in Joining the Team?

All About Being a Distributor for Lashes by Rose
Being a distributor allows you to put your marketing and sales skills to the test while supporting a smaller business. You will be purchasing lashes at a discounted rate and selling them to everyone and anyone you know who would be interested in purchasing. It's that simple!
Why Become a Distributor?
There are several benefits to joining the Lashes by Rose team. For starters, it's a very flexible and accommodating program. You will get the option to choose how many pairs of lashes you'd like to start off with, allowing you to stay within your budget, starting at one pair! The more lashes you purchase, the more discounted each pair is. The next amazing benefit is making money! Who doesn't need a little cash on the side? The amount of profit you earn is up to you and your selling skills, which brings you to the next benefit. Distributing for a company allows you to utilize your current marketing and selling skills but will also bring in a huge amount of new knowledge which will help you in so many ways for almost every future career path. It will also be an amazing opportunity to put on your future resumes. Lastly, you will be supporting and spreading awareness about a local, small business.
Considerations Before Joining
There are just a few, small things to consider before joining. If you do not live in Calgary, Alberta, you will have to pay for shipping in order to receive your initial, lash purchases. You will also have to consider whether you plan to sell locally or not, and if not then you will need to charge your customers for shipping (which can be explained more in depth privately). One last thing to consider is making a larger purchase from Lashes by Rose and not being able to sell each lash. In this circumstance, I will re-purchase the lashes from you for a lowered cost. 
Still Interested?
Amazing! Please reach out to me through email at or through Instagram at @lashes_by_rose about your inquiry and you will be sent the rest of the information, along with a contract and terms of agreement!